Once more with feeling


So. It’s been a while. Again. Sorry about that. However, I have been busy here at Rush Towers and I have an announcement: a shiny new site! I have been thinking about this for a long time, but I have finally decided to make the leap and purchase my own domain, which can be found here: www.izzytinsley.com. This site will feature more diverse content than YarnRush, and will allow me to expand to share other areas of my life with you. In particular, I will be talking about knitting, crochet, sewing quilting, books, tea and a lot of other good stuff. So, this blog will no longer be updated, but I hope that you will join me over on my new site so we can carry on the conversation. Thank you for following me, commenting and supporting, it has been truly wonderful, especially as I dealt with RL issues that left me feeling really down, you guys cheered my spirit. Thanks again, and I hope to see you on the new site soon.

All the best for a happy and prosperous 2014

Izzy Tinsley


An apology

Hi all,

It has been a long time since I posted and for that I am truly sorry. There has been a lot going on here at Rush Towers, and I haven’t been able to post much. Also, I am currently signed off work sick, and I have been off for over a month at the time of writing. If you have been following me for any length of time then you will no doubt have seen that I am more or less constantly ill, and it seems that way sometimes! However, this time it’s more than a sniffle or an upset tummy, as a pre-existing health condition has decided to make my acquaintance again, but much stronger than before. I won’t bore you with the details, but it isn’t life-threatening, and I should hopefully be back to normal soon. I will be seeing a specialist next week, so hopefully I can start getting better and get back to both work and posting!

It didn’t seem right to post when I a) don’t have a great deal to share and b) probably wouldn’t be writing my best pieces, but I am still knitting (slowly), still sewing (very slowly) and am using yarn as therapy to keep me going. I haven’t forgotten you all, and look forward to getting back to it, and catching up with all the posts I have missed whilst I have been away.

With love and raised knitting needles,



My new work space!

Hello all.

Once again, I have been a little on the quiet side. Firstly, I have been having some minor technical difficulties which have resulted in half finished posts accidentally getting published (in some cases obliterating the finished ones). I’m sure that this is a user error (i.e. my fault) but I can’t track down what the problem is. Secondly, things have been busy at work, so I haven’t managed to fit much of anything in! Thirdly, I have been working on a super-duper-tip-top-secret-project that I will talk more about in due course. I love sharing, so I find it a little hard not to just tell you all about it, but I don’t want to show you before it’s ready and I’m 100% happy with it.

Anyway, at the weekend my MIL took Mr Yarnrush and I to Ikea (my first ever trip!!) so we could pretty up the house with some of our wedding money. The Mr and I had been talking for a long time about me having my own work area for crafts, and finally that dream became real…


This area is tucked into the corner of our living room, and is mine mine mine!!! (I love the desk, would only be better if it was a pink top with green legs!)

This came about because Mr Yarnrush works at home in the spare bedroom/study. As a result, I never really felt comfortable working in that room, and would never leave a project in progress out because I find a messy environment irritating. It doesn’t bother him, but I felt really bad messing up his work space, as if he did it to me I would find it annoying. This resulted in me being a nomadic crafter, with projects turning up just about anywhere I could store them, and I was getting very little done which was making me sad. Anyway, long story short, the spare room is now officially his office (and where my gaming computer lives) and the corner of the living room is now my craft area. It also means that I can keep Fury the vintage sewing machine out where she can be admired, loved and used!

New work area closeup

I am really lucky to be able to have this space, so I’m hoping to make the most of it, and start crafting more! It also gives me more space to have multiple magazines/ books out at once, which should help get the inspiration going when I’m feeling a little flat. Plus there is a quiet space for me to sit, have a herbal tea and recharge my batteries which is awesome.

Anyway, hopefully I will have a lot more crafting to share with you next time, and I hope you enjoyed this little peep at my work area. Thanks for reading and happy crafting!


I’m back!

Hello again!

I have now returned from my honeymoon and just thought I’d check in to say hello. I was intending to post sooner, but getting married is a lot more tiring than I realised, so I’ve only just got the energy! I won’t bore you with a millon and one weddng details but in brief it was a wonderful day, we were very lucky with the weather and being a Mrs is taking some time to sink in (I still giggle like a school girl when someone calls me by my married name!) Here are a few photos from the big day:

IMG_7713 2

Our wedding rings.  They are both engraved with the inscription on the One Ring from Lord of the Rings. Yes, we are both nerds.

IMG_7600 2

My bouquet, made for me by my Mum. The flowers are all crochet and it is fab. Thanks Mum ♡

IMG_7668 kjlk

The happy couple (still in shock…)


Wedding cupcakes made by my Aunt. The photo is printed on yummy white chocolate. These are amazing!

Wow! A whistle stop tour of the big day. Most of these photos were taken by a colleagues daughter and are completely awesome. We also asked everyone to bring a camera so we have around 500 photos so far (with more still to come!)

So that was the big day. On our honeymoon we went to York and I, of course, explored the local craft shops. I came back with this pretty souvenir yarn from the fabulous Ramshambles.

Noro Silk Garden

This is Noro Silk Garden in colour S84. Wow. The picture doesn’t really do this justice, it is extremely vibrant with reds, fuchsias, dark blues and unexpected greens. I think that this is destined to be either a Hitch hiker, or possible a Crosswords at the Coffee Shop. We’ll have to wait and see!

I also, by complete accident, found a fab shop and cafe  further up the Shambles called Flax and Twine, which had a small but wonderful selection of vintage style fabrics.

Pretty fabric from Flax and Twine

I got this beauty to make myself a skirt, the Miette skirt by the awesomd Tilly Walnes (of Great British Sewing Bee fame!). If you are at all interested in sewing, her blog tillyandthebuttons.com is well worth a look.

That was all I could buy whilst in York (we had so much bulky stuff like my wedding dress and his suit that we had to buy an extra suitcase!) so I made up for it when I got back home. The day after we returned from honeymoon, I went straight to Button Boutique, my local LYS and had a little splurge…


This pretty fabric is going to be the lining for my self designed bag project. I love the colours!


Pretty fabric to practise sewing with. I’m planning on making a basic tote bag.


Tools and notions 🙂


This yarn is for my mascot project. I think that there should just be enough in this ball (famous last words, I know). I still need to get some lining fabric (not to mention some needles) but it’s a start at least!

Finally, just time for a little progress report. I now have 1 and 1/3rd sides to my design project, and it’s looking pretty good so far! Must knit faster…


And yes, this did come on my honeymoon with me. It’s entirely possible that I also knitted on my wedding night… #couldn’tpossiblycomment.

Anyway, thanks for sticking with me this far, hopefully it didn’t bore you too much! Take care and happy crafting 🙂

And now for something… Shiny!

Hello again!

After the excitement of Knitting and Crochet Blog Week IV, on Monday I was at a loose end. What to do with myself? So I ironed out a few last minute wedding things, and then thought “Excellent, I can get some knitting done!” Except, there was a tiny problem – none of my projects were inspiring me. I don’t know if I’m the only person to have this problem but sometimes I just look into the knitting basket and think “meh”.

Off to Ravelry then! My intent was to cast on my mascot project but I had misread the yarn weight, and had somehow confused chunky with DK. Whoever says that wedding brain is not real is lying! I really fancied making a bag so I trawled Ravelry for a couple of hours and didn’t find anything that really leapt out and yelled KNIT ME NOW! So I did the only (il)logical thing. I designed my own.


Here is the first piece in progress. It is a super simple design and will be fully lined to stop saggy bag syndrome. It also uses pretty much every bit of the glitter yarn I have, meaning minimal waste. I’ll share more as it progresses, but needless to say, I’m very excited!

Now for a little admin. Firstly, as you may know I will be getting married on Saturday, so I am taking a week’s break from blogging and should be back either next Wednesday or possibly Thursday. Secondly, my little blog now has 20 followers! Thank you to all of you, I really appreciate you taking the time to read my ramblings. Finally, I have had the honour to be nominated for a Liebster blog award by lottieknits! Thank you so much for nominating me, I will do a full post on it next week when I return from my honeymoon 🙂

Until next time, thanks for reading and happy crafting!